We released our second album, ‘Fear Is The Key’ on September 11, 2016. It marks the first album of all-new songs that the current lineup of Paul/Sean/Nick/Neil have composed. Yet again we’ve included a cover version to go alongside our eight tracks. The album again has a poster sleeve and this time the art is courtesy of Joe Mustanski.

We’ve also created alternate versions of the cover song as a collaboration with two other local bands – Fed To The Boars and Winds Of Genocide. These alternate version will make their way onto compilations and that’ll be the only way to acquire them. We want to give the compilation-makers something that no-one else will have and so hopefully boost purchases. The┬ácompilations we will target will be for good causes- ┬áHunt sabs in particular.

If you want to get a copy of our new album, head over to Bandcamp and place an order! Bandcamp also has other merchandise as well as our first album ‘Still Fucking Angry!’

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